Artist's Statement

My interest in clay began as a child making mud pies for play in a small California Central Valley town. From those hot days of getting really dirty my appreciation for everyday objects that are both pleasing and utilitarian was bound to my heritage as a Sansei (third-generation Japanese-American). My work was influenced by the pieces my parents chose to decorate and use in our home and the western aesthetic of my outside world. I became mesmerized by the process of throwing a pot on a potter’s wheel for the first time at a crafts fair at the beginning of my senior year at the University of California, Berkeley. It looked so peaceful, sensuous, and magical to create beautiful forms from an amorphous lump of clay. I signed up for a beginning ceramics class at a private studio and was immediately captivated. All of my pieces are hand-thrown and/or hand-built porcelain and glazed with formulas that I have developed over my three-decade plus career. Most of my professional life has been devoted to making sophisticated functional ware, and recently I have focused on covered vessels. My work has been purchased for homes and collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia and is sold in museum gift shops, galleries, and at art shows.