Current Glaze Palette

Kimi BW

I make all of my pieces using the highest grade of porcelain clay and finish them with glaze formulas that I have developed over my many years as a professional ceramic artist. The following is an explanation of my glazes with simplified names to make communications if ordering easier.

A traditional temmoku glaze that is a shiny black, black/ brown, or iron red in color depending on the thickness of the glaze. It will break on the edges of the pot into a golden brown, cream, or iron red and have gold or iron crystal flecks occasionally.

black jar

A copper red or sang-de-boeuf (ox blood) glaze that can range in color from a bright raspberry red, a rich brick red, or a deep, dark blood red to a pale pink, or even to a copper celadon or white. Sometimes in a very dramatic effect all of these colors can be present in one piece depending on luck and the placement within the kiln. All copper red glazes can be the ultimate delight or the biggest disappointment to any potter because of its temperamental nature.

red wicker

A copper blue glaze that can range in color from a pale sky blue to a deep rich purplish blue with crystals of varying hues of blue and pale green.

This is a shiny milky white glaze that is sometimes tinged with cream or gray. It also can have a blush of red or pink in places where it was fired near a copper red pot.

covered white

My celadon glaze is a shiny, translucent deeper green than the traditional Chinese celadon.

green vase

This is semi-matte glaze that ranges in color from a pale turquoise to a rich sea blue color.

turquoise jar

Named after the California state rock this semi-matte glaze is a pale mint green or sage green in color with grey flecks or small green crystals depending on the firing.

serpentine covered jar
serpentiene carp jar